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Visual Reports
A report writer made for the software developer.
Visual Reports is the first report writer that gives the software developer a comprehensive way to create and generate presentation quality reports within their software application.
The software developer designs a report using the interactive designer, then programs the printing aspects of the report within an IDE environment, such as Visual Studio or Visual Studio.Net. The software developer is responsible for providing the application data needed to produce the report and has full control of the report properties and methods using a COM interface.
Report Writers in the market today
Most report writers in the market today create reports by doing the following:
  • Connect to a database via DAO or ADO
  • Building SQL query string
  • Generate report with a header, detail, footer or possible some  group sections.
Everything works fine if all you need are simple reports that come from single DAO or ADO data source and require no special logic for generating the report. Report writers in market today are deficient in the following areas:

Multiple data sources
Report sections are processed where the data may came from varies data source, such as ADO, XML or a even proprietary database library
Business Rules
When rules dictate the following: what is printed on a section, which section should be printed and if a section should even be printed.
Control of printing
Which field and section should be printed.

Visual Reports solves the deficiencies found in today's report writers
Visual Reports solves the deficiencies found in today’s report writers by giving the software developer a full access to the report properties and methods. This allows the software developer to have full control over the report generation.
Key Benefits
  • Interactive Designer.
  • No dependency on a database.
  • The software developer feeds data through a COM interface.
  • Programmatically control printing of a report.
  • Fast report generation, depending on your program logic.
  • Create sophisticated run-time reports that can not be achieve using a static report writer.
  • Place bitmaps, graphs, charts, diagrams and drawings into you report.
  • Supports page zooming and scrolling.
  • Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.
  • Generate PDF reports.
  • Add charts to reports using the MSChart Control.
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